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Unity window

View | Tool Windows | Unity

This window helps you to work with Unity projects in Rider. The window is available only if Rider is connected to the Unity editor.

Log tab

unity log window

The Log tab of the Unity tool window brings Unity's Console into Rider. The tab shows Unity log entries and is updated as events are logged in Unity.

The Output part of the window on the right shows the content of the currently selected log entry. Rider makes the content interactive, so that you can navigate to any source file, class, method or property mentioned in the log entry.

Unit Test Explorer displays tests from the entire solution

When the Explorer tab, or any unit test session tab is open, you can use the following controls on the left-hand toolbar:

Toolbar Controls




icons actions toggleSoftWrap svg Use Soft Wraps

Use this button to enable line wrapping for lines exceeding the current width of the output area.

icons runConfigurations scroll down svg Scroll to the end

Use this button to enable automatic scrolling of the output to the last line so that the most resent messages.

unity log edit mode Show/Hide 'Edit' mode

Shows/hides log entries from Unity edit mode.

unity log play mode Show/Hide 'Play' mode

Shows/hides log entries from Unity play mode.

unity log errors Show/Hide Errors

Shows/hides error log entries.

unity log warnings Show/Hide Warnings

Shows/hides warning log entries.

unity log messages Show/Hide Warnings

Shows/hides message log entries.

icons actions gc svg Clear

Clear the log.

icon toggle output position Toggle Output Position

Position the Output part of the window either vertically or horizontally.

ThemedIcon Settings Screen Gray Unity Plugin Settings

Quick access to the Unity plugin settings.

Last modified: 16 August 2019