RubyMine 2024.1 Help

Video tutorials

Creating and Running Your First Ruby Project

Create and run a simple interactive Ruby program in RubyMine.

Creating and Running Your First Rails Application

Create and run a simple Rails application.

Get started with RBS

Learn how to add RBS to your project and get an overview of the main RBS features that RubyMine offers.

Creating Rails Application Elements

Learn how to generate Rails application elements, such as controllers, views, models, and migrations.

Opening and Setting Up a Ruby on Rails Project

Learn how to open and set up an existing Ruby on Rails project in RubyMine: from configuring a Ruby interpreter and installing dependencies to running migrations.

Navigation Abilities

Learn how to quickly navigate through code using different actions and popups.

Code Editing and Refactoring Features

Learn more about various code editing and refactoring features.

Debugging a Ruby on Rails Application

Walk through the main debugging capabilities of RubyMine.

Testing and Coverage

Learn how to run and debug tests, get coverage information, and create new tests.

RubyMine and Docker Compose

Debug a sample Rails application with the remote Docker Compose interpreter.

Last modified: 11 February 2024