Space On-Premises Help

Administration of Space On-Premises

There are several administration activities specific only to Space On-Premises:

  1. Uploading a Space product license.

  2. Enabling push notification for mobile clients.

Otherwise, in terms of administration, Space On-Premises is no different from its cloud version – refer to for basic administration instructions.

Activate your Space On-Premises instance

  1. In a browser, open your clean Space On-Premises installation. In case of a Docker Compose installation, the default URL is

  2. Under the License field, click the link to log in to your JetBrains Account.

  3. On your account page, copy the license string and return back to Space.

  4. Paste the string to the License field.

  5. Fill other fields if required and click Get started.

Enable push notifications for mobile clients

Space provides mobile clients for iOS and Android. To send push notifications to mobile clients, your Space On-Premises instance must use a proxy server from JetBrains. The proxy server delivers the notifications to end users through the corresponding Apple and Google services.

To enable the proxy server for push notifications

  1. Make sure your Space instance has access to

  2. On the navigation bar, click administration.png Administration and choose Notifications Proxy.

  3. Choose JetBrains Proxy and click Save.

Last modified: 11 January 2023