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Billing of Dev Environments

Every JetBrains Space subscription plan includes a certain amount of computation credits. The allocated amount of credits doesn't depend on the number of members in the organization. You can spend the credits to run Automation scripts or to work in dev environments. On the first day of a month, your amount of computation credits is restored. To check the current balance, go to Administration → Billing & Plans → Computation Credits.

Usage of compute resources and disk storage is calculated separately:

Dev environment instance type


4 vCPUs, 8000 MB RAM, 40 GB SSD

1 hour

50 computation credits


8 vCPUs, 16000 MB RAM, 40 GB SSD

1 hour

100 computation credits

Extra Large

16 vCPUs, 32000 MB RAM, 40 GB SSD

1 hour

200 computation credits

Disk storage


1 month

730 computation credits

More details on pricing

Calculate usage of compute resources

Space calculates dev environments usage based on actual number of minutes the environments spend in the active state (are running).

Calculate usage of disk storage

Disk storage usage includes:

  • Disk storage of all dev environments in your organization: When a dev environment is in the in hibernation state (the virtual machine is released and its disk is unmounted), Space charges you only for the environment disk storage. A dev environment is hibernated automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity. You can also hibernate the environment manually.

  • All warm-up snapshots in your organization: Space charges you for all warm-up snapshots created in your organization.

Last modified: 04 March 2024