JetBrains Space Help

Create a New Space Repository

Create a new repository and start from scratch or push some source code to it that you have locally.

  1. Navigate to the project in which you want to create a repository.

  2. On the project sidebar, choose Repositories.

  3. On the repositories page, click New repository:

  4. On the dialog window, choose New Space repository:

  5. Specify the following:

    • Repository name

      Give your new repository a name and optional description. The name can match or resemble the project name, however two repositories in the same project should not have the same name.

    • Initialize repository

      Check this option if you have no existing code and are staring from scratch. Space will make an initial commit and create system file templates (.gitignore,

      Uncheck this option if you are going to push existing code from a local source and want your repository empty.

    • Enable default push restrictions

      When enabled, the following restrictions will be applied:

      • Authenticate committer

      • Maximum file size is 256 kb

      • Forbidden files: id_rsa

      You can disable or change these restrictions after creating the repository on the Repository Settings page.

    • Default branch name

      Name your default branch (e.g. main, master, base)

  6. When you are done, click Create.

    A new repository will be created and added to your project.

Last modified: 10 August 2023