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Configure and Administer a Repository

  1. Navigate to the project and open the repository.

  2. On the repository page, click Settings:


    The Repository Settings page will open:


View and edit repository properties

Under the Repository info tab, you can change the following properties:

  • Repository name: You can rename your repository and keep the old name as an alias.

  • Repository description: A short informative description that will be displayed under the repository name.

  • Default branch: The default branch name in Git is main. You can choose another branch to be the default one.

    This setting will affect the merge request workflow.

  • Read-only repository: Check this option if you don't want anyone to push changes to this repository.

You can also download and view the repository push log.

View repository statistics

Go to the Statistics tab to view your repository and index size, number of files and git objects.

Configure repository settings

Administer a repository

Last modified: 18 August 2023