JetBrains Space Help

Mirror a Repository

Repository mirroring in Space allows you to create and maintain a synchronized copy of a repository hosted outside of Space.

Mirrored repositories are synchronized in both directions. Push commits to your Space mirror and they will be delivered to the remote repository and vice versa.

You can set up mirroring if:

  • You want to access a remotely hosted repository from Space to browse its code base and create code reviews.

  • You prefer not to move your repository from its existing hosting to Space, but have a fully functioning, synchronized copy instead. This can be the first step of a gradual migration process.

  • You want to fork a remote repository by mirroring specific branches. For example, you mirror a remote repository's main and create local branches off of it in Space. Now you can push to your branches and keep them updated by rebasing them onto main, all without affecting the remote repository.

Follow the detailed instructions for setting up:

You can also set up mirroring of an existing Space repository to sync it with an externally hosted repo. To do so, as well as to edit mirroring options, navigate to Repository Settings

Last modified: 14 June 2023