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Distribute Your Application

There are two types of Space applications depending on the distribution type: single-org and multi-org applications.

Single-org applications

Single-org apps

These are applications that are installed only to a single Space organization. For example, this could be an application developed by an organization for internal use only. Another case of a single-org application is an application that is still in development: As a developer, you may first want to test the application in your Space instance and only then start implementing logic required for public distribution.

To add a single-org application to your Space organization, you must manually register it on the Extensions | Applications page. On the same page, you can also configure the application: choose authorization flow, request permissions, add webhooks, and so on.

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Multi-org applications

Multi-org apps

These are applications that can be installed to multiple Space organizations. You can distribute multi-org applications using a distribution link or JetBrains Marketplace.

A multi-org application must configure itself via Space API calls. Configuration is initiated when a user installs the application to their Space organization. During the installation, Space sends a payload of the InitPayload type to the application endpoint.

When creating a multi-org application, it's important to explicitly declare the supported Space version.

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Last modified: 29 September 2023