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External Links

You can configure Space to detect references to external resources and turn them into links (aka autolinks). If your team uses external resources like Zendesk, YouTrack or Jira, ticket or issue IDs mentioned in Chats, commit messages, and code review titles will be recognized by Space and linked to the corresponding tickets or issues in your external tracker. Autolinks help teams optimize their workflow by linking Space with external resources and letting users quickly navigate to the mentioned entities.

  1. On the main menu, click administration.png Administration and choose External Link Patterns.

  2. Click New pattern:

  3. In the New External Link Pattern dialog specify the following:

    • Prefix: Provide a prefix that is used in the external IDs and that will be recognised by Space to generate links.

    • Link target: Specify a URL of the external resource ending with <?> which is a variable for a number that follows the prefix. If the specified prefix should be a part of the URL, include it before <?>.


    For example, if the issue ID consists of letters that identify the project followed by an issue number (e.g. PRJ-123), you should specify the following:

    • Pattern: PRJ-

    • Link target:<?>

    With the above configuration example, Space will convert any mention which starts with PRJ- and is followed by some number into a specified link. For example, PRJ-123 will be linked to

  4. Click Add pattern to save and enable the pattern.

    You can have multiple patterns for various external resources.

Last modified: 07 February 2023