JetBrains Space Help

Issue Boards

An issue board in Space is a project planning and management tool designed to visualize the development and bug-fixing processes, organize and optimize the team's workflow. It can be adapted for Kanban, Scrum, or any hybrid system your team follows.

Issue boards can be considered an extension to the Space issue tracking functionality, as they are integrated and synced with a project Issue tracker. Your project can have one or several boards — each attributed to a specific feature or team.

Existing issues can be selected and added to an issue board where they will be displayed as cards and organized in columns according to their current status (e.g. open, in progress, done).


As you progress on your work and drag an issue from one column to another, it automatically changes its status, and vice versa: changing the status of an issue in the tracker will move the issue to a matching column.

Last modified: 31 January 2023