JetBrains Space Help

Keyboard Shortcuts

Space provides a set of keyboard shortcuts to help you use some of its features without touching the mouse.

Most pages and dialogs where shortcuts can be used have a built-in shortcut cheat sheet which you can open by clicking on a question mark:


These shortcuts are mapped to keys on a keyboard with a functional layout for the English language. Keys that differ between US and UK variants are not mapped to any shortcuts. If your keyboard has a visual layout for a different language, you can switch the language preference for your operating system to English and use these shortcuts with the default mapping.

The shortcuts on this page are grouped by the context where they can be applied.


Open the Go to anything window to find and quickly navigate to entities (teams, projects, people, articles, etc.)


Open the Search window to perform full-text search in documents, blog-posts, chat conversations, member profiles.

Calendar (personal)

J or NJ or N

Move to the next date range.


Move to the previous date range.


Move to the current day.

1 or D1 or D

Switch to the Day view.

2 or W2 or W

Switch to the Week view.

3 or M3 or M

Switch to the Month view.

5 or X5 or X

Switch to the 5 days view.


Add a new meeting.


Add a new absence.

Last modified: 19 May 2021