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Regular Expressions in Custom Fields

Custom fields can be added to some team directory forms (profile, absence, team membership) and project issues to collect and display additional information.

If you want to add a custom field with a restricted input, you can use regular expressions to create an input mask that will prevent invalid entries and help people enter data into the field in the correct predefined format.

Regular expression (regex or regexp) is a pattern describing which characters can be entered into the field and the order in which they must appear. For example, you can use a regular expression to make sure that people enter correctly formatted phone numbers into a phone number field.

Regular expression syntax

A regex uses special characters to create a pattern. To write an expression, use common regex examples and the syntax cheat-sheet below: For a comprehensive regex tutorial, you can refer to or other online resources of your choice.

Character classes


Any character except newline


Any of a, b, or c


Character between b and f

\w \d \s

Word, digit, whitespace

\W \D \S

Not word, digit, whitespace

Quantifiers and Alternation


Match ab or cd

a{3} a{2,}

Exactly three; two or more

a* a+ a?

0 or more, 1 or more, 0 or 1


Between two and five

a+? a{2,}?

Match as few as possible



Start / end of the string


Word boundary

Escape characters

\. \* \\

\ is used to escape special characters.

\* matches *

\t \n \r

Tab, linefeed, carriage return

Common regex use cases



Common email address



Must include http(s)


http(s) is optional

Phone numbers

/^(?:(?:\(?(?:00|\+)([1-4]\d\d|[1-9]\d?)\)?)?[\-\.\ \\\/]?)?((?:\(?\d{1,}\)?[\-\.\ \\\/]?){0,})(?:[\-\.\ \\\/]?(?:#|ext\.?|extension|x)[\-\.\ \\\/]?(\d+))?$/

Country code/extension is optional

Goverment-issued IDs

/^((?!219-09-9999|078-05-1120)(?!666|000|9\d{2})\d{3}-(?!00)\d{2}-(?!0{4})\d{4})|((?!219 09 9999|078 05 1120)(?!666|000|9\d{2})\d{3} (?!00)\d{2} (?!0{4})\d{4})|((?!219099999|078051120)(?!666|000|9\d{2})\d{3}(?!00)\d{2}(?!0{4})\d{4})$/

Social security number


Passport number



Whole numbers


Decimal numbers


Whole and decimal numbers

Alphanumeric characters


Alphanumeric characters without space

/^[a-zA-Z0-9 ]*$/

Alphanumeric characters with space



Date format YYYY-MM-dd using separator -


Date format dd-MM-YYYY using separators - or . or /


Date format dd-mmm-YYYY using separators - or . or /



12-hour format HH:MM. Leading 0 is optional.

/((1[0-2]|0?[1-9]):([0-5][0-9]) ?([AaPp][Mm]))/

12-hour format HH:MM. Leading 0 is optional. Meridiems AM/PM are required.


24-hour format HH:MM. Leading 0 is required.


24-hour format HH:MM. Leading 0 is optional.


24-hour format HH:MM:SS

Last modified: 20 April 2021