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Add and Edit Custom Fields

The Profile, Team membership and Absence forms contain default fields for entering and displaying employees records (e.g. First Name in profiles and Period in absences).

If your organzation needs to collect more information, you can create additional fields which you can rename or remove later on.

To add a new field:

  1. On the navigation bar, click administration.png Administration and choose Custom Fields.

  2. Select the form to which you want to add custom fields:

  3. Click New field.

  4. Give this field a name and choose its data type depending on the kind of records it will contain.

    • Type: choose the type of data expected in this field.

    • Access Type (for user profiles only): choose who can see this field and the data it contains.

      • Public- every organization member

      • Confidential- profles owners and authorized members only (Requires permission: View confidential custom fields)

      • Restricted- authorized members only (Requires permission: View restricted custom fields)

    • Required: make this field mandatory to fill in.

    • Default value: prepopulate the field with some expected value to save your users time. Add several default values if this field allows multiple values.

  5. Click Save when done.

To edit or delete a custom field:

  1. Select the form you want to modify. The existing custom fields contained in this form will be listed here.

  2. You can edit.png edit or delete.png delete any of them.

    Deleted fields can be restored from the Archived view.

Last modified: 12 May 2020