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Issue Tracker

Every project in Space comes with a built-in issue-tracking system. It's designed to help project participants keep track of bugs and requests, making the development and debugging processes more transparent and manageable through all stages of the project lifecycle.

  • An issue in Space is a unique record that can represent a problem, such as a bug, design flaw, or any defect in the product. It can also represent a suggestion or request to implement some enhancement or a new feature.

  • You create an issue when you want to report a problem or request a change.

  • An issue is assigned to a particular project member that will be responsible for working on it and eventually solving it.

  • You can filter, sort, and search issues by different criteria. Issues can also be tagged to categorize them as desired and facilitate the search.

View project issues

  1. Open your project.

  2. On the project sidebar, click Issues.

    The issue list displays existing issues associated with this project:


    Each issue has a status indicating at what stage the issue currently is. There are four predefined statuses:

    • Open: the work on the issue hasn't started.

    • In progress: the assignee is working on resolving the issue.

    • Done: the issue has been resolved.

    • Backlog: the issue is of low priority and can be set aside.

    Each status has a color indication.

  3. Use options on top of the list to search, filter, group, or order the issues as you like. The issue list will be updated accordingly.

  4. To open an issue and view its timeline (the history of updates), comments, or edit it, click the issue entry on the list.

    To view an issue on a separate page, click its title (summary) on the middle panel.

Last modified: 07 October 2021