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Comment on an Issue

Adding comments to an issue page is a convenient way to discuss the issue details, ask questions and provide answers.

  • The discussion is contained within the issue and will never be lost.

  • People you mention in a comment get notified and can join the discussion.

  • Posted issue comments also appear in a dedicated chat channel for issue participants. You can continue the discussion either from the issue page or from the chat — the comments are synced.

  • Markdown language is supported.

Add a comment from the issue page

  1. Open the issue to which you want to add a comment.

  2. Type your comment in the input field and press Enter to submit it.

  3. You can attach a File, Image or Video, or a Poll to your comment. Click the attachment icon and choose it from the menu:

  4. To invite another person (or a team) to have a look at the issue, mention them in your comment — type @ and choose the person from the list:


Add a comment from the chat

For each issue, Space creates a chat channel to notify issue participants of updates and comments.

  1. Go to Chats and select the Issues tab.

  2. On the channel list, locate the correct issue channel. It's named after the issue.

  3. Click the channel. The issue timeline and comments will be displayed:

  4. Type your comment in the input field and press Enter to submit it.

    You comment will also appear on the issue page.

Comment options

Each comment gives you the following options:

  • Edit or Delete a comment (if it's yours)

  • Copy a link to the comment

  • Add a reaction (emoji) to the comment

  • Add to to-do list— add this comment to your to-do list

Just hover over the comment to display these options and choose the right one:

Last modified: 07 October 2021