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Chats: Text Messaging and Notifications

messenger.png Chats is the primary place to communicate with your colleagues and stay updated. It serves not only as a messenger, but also as your personal inbox for receiving notifications, requests, and alerts.

All Chats activities are organized into:

  • Conversation channels

  • Notification feeds

  • Direct messaging

Conversation channels

Channel is a group chat created for a specific group or to discuss specific topics. For example, a dedicated channel can be created for a team to collaborate.

Channels can be public or private. While public channels are open for all organization members, a private channel requires you to have a permission from its owner to join.

Notification feeds

Notification feeds are your personal channels for receiving thematically groupped notifications:

  • chat-blog.png Blog: Get notified of new articles, comments or wnen someone mentiones your name in blog post comments.

    Comments posted under an article appear in the Blog feed and vice versa, giving you the ability to view and post comments directly from this feed.

  • chat-review.png Code review: Get notified when someone adds you to a code review as a participant. Get updates on the reviews you're subscribed to.

    Comments posted within a code review appear in the feed and vice versa, giving you the ability to view and post comments directly from this feed.

  • chat-review.png Issues: Get notified when someone assigns or subscribes you to an issue, or when an issue you are subscribed to is updated: its status changed, new comment posted, etc.

    Comments posted within an issue appear in the feed and vice versa, giving you the ability to view and post comments directly from this feed.

  • chat-absence.png Abcense: Get notified about absences of the people you follow, or members of the teams you have added to Favorites.

    Get notified when your Team Lead approves or rejects your absence request.

    If you are a Team Lead— receive absence requests from your team members; approve or reject them on the spot.

  • chat-membership.png Membership: Get notified when someone joins or leaves your team or any of you favorite teams.

    If you are a Team Admin— receive team membership requests and approve or reject them on the spot.

  • Shared documents: Get notified when someone shares a document with you for reviewing or collaborative editing.

The left-hand sidebar displays all your contacts — channels, feeds, people — arranging them by recent activity.

Use tabs on top of the sidebar to filter the contact list and show only contacts of a particular type:


For example, choose DMs to only display your direct message contacts:


Find a contact or channel

Press Ctrl+K and start typing the name of the member or channel you're looking for. Then select it from the drop-down list.

To see a list of all channels, just type in #.

Alternatively, to view all channels, click new-chat.png on top of the contact list and select Browse channels:


Find a message

You can perform a full text search across all channels or within a particular channel/conversation.

To start searching, press Ctrl+Shift+F and type in a word or a phrase.

By default, the scope of the search is limited to the channel or conversation you're currently in. For example, if you open the search while you're messaging another member in Chats, it will be set to search your messaging history with that member.

To search a particular channel or conversation

  1. Open the channel or conversation you want to search.

  2. Press Ctrl+Shift+F or click the search icon in the top right corner:

  3. Type a word or a phrase into a search field and choose a relevant result.

To search all channels and conversations

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+F.

  2. In the input field, delete your current scope and add Messages:

  3. Type in a word or a phrase and pick a relevant result.

Quickly find all your mentions in one place

You can instantly find all conversations in which someone has mentioned you or your team.

  1. Click chat-mentions-folder.png on top of the contact list. All your personal and team mentions are listed here.

  2. Click on a particular mention to navigate to the message:


Subscribe, unsubscribe, and configure notifications

To subscribe to a channel or a feed, open it and click chat-subscribe.png.

To unsubscribe from a channel or a feed, open it and click chat-subscribed.png. You will stop getting notifications and the channel will be removed from the list.

To configure notification preferences of a channel you're subscribed to, open it and click the small arrow on chat-subscribed.png then choose the desired options:


Create and manage channels

Create a new channel

  1. Click new-chat.png on top of the contact list and choose New channel:


  2. Give the channel a name and description (optional).

  3. Make the channel public or private.

    • Private channels can be only accessed by its participants.

    • Public channels are open to all organization members.

    • Note that even though named public, channels are not exposed to general public. Only registered and logged organization members will be able to access Space channels.

  4. Add subscribers (participants) to the channel (you can add people and teams). The channel will appear in the contact list of the people you add. If the channel is private, only subscribers will be able to view and access it.

  5. Click Create to save your settings and create the channel.

Manage an existing channel

  1. Find and open the channel.

  2. Click menu-horizontal.png to open the menu:

  3. If you are subscribed to the channel, you can:

    • Pin channel— pin the channel to the top of the contact list. (For yourself only, will not affect other people.)

    • View Channel info— view channel subscribers, pinned messages, attached files.

    If you are the channel owner (you created this channel):

    • Rename channel— rename the channel.

    • Archive channel— block sending new messages to the channel.

    • Delete channel— permanently delete the channel.

Add subscribers to a channel

  1. Find and open the channel.

  2. Click the Subscribers icon to open the dialog:

  3. Choose people or teams you want to add:


Attach a file, image, video, or poll to your message

When typing a message, you can attach a file (including images and videos) or a poll to it:


Mention people to invite them to a discussion

When writing a message, type in @ and choose the person:


The person you mentioned will be notified and able to join the discussion.

Use Markdown

You can use Markdown when writing messages. See the supported Markdown syntax.

Message options


Hover over a posted message to:

  • Edit or delete the message (if it's yours)

  • Start a separate thread from the message.

  • Add the message to your To-Do List.

  • Start a separate thread from the message.

  • Add a reaction (emoji) to the message.

Hover over a posted message and click menu-horizontal.png to:

  • Quote the message (copy it to the text field as a quote).

  • Copy a link to the message to send it someone.

  • Pin the message to quickly find it later. To view pinned messages, click the Pinned icon on top of the screen:

  • Create an issue from the message in the Issue Tracker.

  • Unsubscribe from replies. You won't be notified if someone replies to this message.

Last modified: 19 April 2021