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Find Anything in Chats

Find a contact or channel

Press Control+K and start typing the name of the member or channel you're looking for. Then select it from the drop-down list.

To see a list of all channels, just type in #.

Alternatively, to view all channels, click new-chat.png on top of the contact list and select Browse channels:


Find a message

You can perform a full text search across all channels or within a particular channel/conversation.

To start searching, press Control+Shift+F and type in a word or a phrase.

By default, the scope of the search is limited to the channel or conversation you're currently in. For example, if you open the search while you're messaging another member in Chats, it will be set to search your messaging history with that member.

To search a particular channel or conversation

  1. Open the channel or conversation you want to search.

  2. Press Control+Shift+F or click the search icon in the top right corner:

  3. Type a word or a phrase into a search field and choose a relevant result.

  4. To narrow down your search to a particular author, click Author and pick one from the list.


To search all channels and conversations

  1. Press Control+Shift+F.

  2. In the input field, delete your current scope and add Chats:

  3. Type in a word or a phrase and pick a relevant result.

  4. To exclude feeds from your scope and only search messages from people, add Messages as a filter.

Quickly find all your mentions in one place

You can instantly find all conversations in which someone has mentioned you or your team.

  1. Click chat-mentions-folder.png on top of the contact list. All your personal and team mentions are listed here.

  2. Click on a particular mention to navigate to the message:

Last modified: 31 January 2023