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Tag an Issue

You can attach a tag to the issue to specify its category, priority, association with other issues, or any other useful information that should be visible to all participants. Tags can also be used to group or filter issues on the issue list.

To add a tag to the issue

  1. Expand or open the issue to which you want to add a tag.

  2. Click Add tag.

  3. Choose from existing tags or type in a new one:

  • The tag you create will be available to all participants.

  • You can add several tags to an issue.

  • You can create nested tags. For example, cloud / amazon / SES:


    When you group issues based on their tags, tagged issues will be listed according to the hierarchy:


To edit and delete tags, or create new tags in advance, navigate to Issue Settings → Tags.

Last modified: 19 July 2023