JetBrains Space Help

Create an Issue

Create an issue when you need to report a problem or request a change in your project.

  1. Open your project.

  2. On the Projects sidebar, click Issues:

    • The issue list displays existing issues associated with this project.

  3. Click the New issue button on top of the list or plus-add-grey.png on the sidebar:

    • A New issue dialog will be displayed:

  4. Outline your problem or request in the issue Summary; it will appear as the issue title on the issue list. For a lengthy explanation use the optional Description field.

  5. If you know who should take care of the issue, assign it to that person:


    The assignee will get a notification with a link to this issue.

  6. You can optionally:

    • add a tag to the issue to associate it with some other related issues

    • set the due date for resolving the issue

    • attach a file or add a checklist

    • add this issue to an issue board

    • specify values for custom fields if any (e.g. Priority).

    Or skip these options for now. You can always add or edit them later on.

  7. When you're done, click Add issue.

Last modified: 31 January 2023