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Create and Manage Issues

While issue management largely depends on the development workflow adapted by your team, it usually follows a common scenario in which an issue undergoes the following stages:

  • A project member wants to report a bug or request some change to the product and creates an issue in which he or she describes the subject.

    At this stage the issue's status is Open.

    The reporter can also choose the assignee — a certain project member who will be in charge of solving the issue. Unassigned issues are usually handled by a dedicated member (e.g. a team lead) who specifies the assignees later on.

  • The assignee is notified of the issue and sets its status to In progress as soon as he or she starts working on it.

  • The reporter, assignee, and other participants can discuss the issue by posting comments on it. The issue comments are synced with the chat.

  • When the assignee solves the issue, he or she sets its status to Done.

Last modified: 19 July 2023