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Matrix Report for Issues

Matrix report lets you summarize and compare your project issues by their most important attributes, view the summary as a table or a chart, and export it in a .csv or .xlsx format.

To view Matrix report:

  1. On your project sidebar, click Issues.

  2. In the top right corner, click Reports and choose Matrix:


The default view lets you see how many issues in different statuses and in total each assignee currently has:


You can drill down each table cell for more info — just click on a number to get a list of respective issues.

Customize Matrix report

You can compare issues by two attributes at a time, one for the column and one for the row, choosing from: Assignee, Created by, Status, and Tag:


Toggle the view between Table and Bar chart:


Export Matrix report

To download and export your Matrix report as a .csv or .xlsx file, click Download in the top right corner and choose the desired format:

Last modified: 11 May 2022