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Track Time Spent on an Issue

Time traking helps you and your team manage time spent on tasks.

Whenever you work on an issue, you can log the time you spend on it and then report the results in a downloadable .csv file when you're done.

To log your time spent on an issue:

  1. Open the issue.

  2. Click the plus sign next to Spent time:

  3. Specify how much time you spent by choosing Duration, the date you started and add a description of the work done:

  4. Every time you work on the issue, add the time you spend as described above. Your records will be listed under the Spent time tab:


Download time-tracking report

The time-tracking report contains logs for all issues in the project. To create and download the report:

  1. Navigate to Issues (the issue list).

  2. In the top right corner, click Reports and choose Time tracking:

Last modified: 02 June 2022