JetBrains Space Help

My Profile

On the top left, click your avatar and choose My profile:


Most information stored in your profile is readily available to all organization members, so they can quickly find out:

  • Your contact details (email, phone, messengers).

  • What teams you're on.

  • what projects you're involved in.

In addition to regular entries, your profile may contain fields marked as Private. The information in private fields is only visible to you and authorized members (e.g. System Administrator).


Edit profile

  1. On the personal navigation sidebar, choose Preferences.

  2. Use the menu to choose and edit the different parts of the profile:


    Choose Personal Data to edit:

    • first and last name, username

    • birthday

    • gender

    • a short personal introduction

    • profile picture (avatar) — click the placeholder image and follow the instructions

    Choose Contacts Details to edit the contact information (phone numbers, email, messengers, websites)

    Choose Languages to add or remove the languages you speak.

  3. When you're finished editing the profile, click Save.

Set your location

Your location will be taken into account for arranging meetings, subscriptions, blog-post targeting, etc. Specifying your actual location is especially important if you and your teammates are located in different time zones.

To specify or edit your location:

  1. Click your avatar then choose Preferences → Locations.

  2. To specify your location, click Add location and choose it from the list. Optionally, specify the time period in this location.

  3. You can edit or delete the existing location or move from it to a new one using the corresponding controls.

Set your working hours

Your working days/hours is important data that affects collaboration and will be taken into account for meeting arrangements. Make sure to keep it updated.

To specify your weekly work schedule (work days and hours):

  1. Click your avatar then choose Preferences → Working Hours.

  2. Click New period, then specify working days and hours for the selected period. Several periods can be specified for one person.

  3. You can edit or delete the existing periods using the corresponding controls.

Along with your working hours, you can specify when you want to receive notifications. Your notification hours also determine your Availability Status which is shown on your avatar to other members.

Set your time zone

Your time zone affects your working schedule, notification hours and availability, so it's important you set it correctly.

To specify your local time zone:

  1. Click your avatar then choose Preferences → Working Hours.

  2. Click edit.png to open your existing working hours settings, or click New period and set it up if you don't have any.

  3. At the bottom of the form, select your time zone.

  • If not specified, your time zone will be determined by your location.

  • If you have not specified your location, your time zone will be derived from your device (computer, smartphone) when you log in to Space.

What you can do on your profile page

From the profile Preferences menu you can quickly access and manage the following parts of your Space environment:

  1. General

  2. Workspace

  3. Subscriptionschoose what events you want to be notified about.

  4. Authentication

    • Loginschange your password and view login history

    • 2FA — set up two-step verification for your account.

    • Application Passwords — an application password may be required if you access a remote repository using its HTTPS address. create and manage permanent tokens to authenticate external applications on your behalf.

    • Git Keys — set up Git SSH keys and HTTP password for committing to repositories

    • Personal Tokens — create and manage permanent tokens to authenticate external applications on your behalf.

  5. Security

  6. Code Review — set your code reviews preferences.

Find another person's profile

Click search.png or press Control+K and start typing the person's name.

Once on the profile page, you can contact the person by clicking Chat with... under the profile picture.

Last modified: 21 December 2023