JetBrains Space EAP Help


Applications is the main way to extend Space functionality. To ease the understanding, think of Applications as of the way to register an external application in Space. This could be a server-side or a client-side (JavaScript or mobile) application that works with various Space modules: manages users, tracks Git activity, sends messages to Chats, and so on.

Applications basics

Register your application in Space

  1. On the navigation bar, click your avatar then choose Administration → Applications

  2. Click New application

  3. Fill out the displayed form:

  4. Specify what rights your client needs to access specific Space resources.

    Click Edit requested rights and select them from the list.

    If you don't have the rights you've selected for your client, you will need to have them authorized by a Space user that has them. Until that, these rights will have the pending status and won't be available to your application.

    To authorize requested rights, one should:

    • Navigate to Administration → Applications

    • Choose the client from the list.

    • On the sidebar, click Authorizations.

    • The pending requested rights will be listed here. Click Authorize to grant a right to the app.

  5. Project rights. If your app needs to access some project, you need to choose the requested project rights and add this project to the client entity. To do that, click Add project and select the project from the list. Requested project rights need to be authorized by the project administrator.

  6. As soon as you register your app, Space will generate credentials for it (client secret, client ID) and display them on the form.

  7. To edit the client configuration:

    • Navigate to Administration → Applications

    • Choose your app from the list and click Edit.

    • Choose Requested Rights from the sidebar to edit the rights.

    • Choose Authorizations from the sidebar to add or remove projects and see which of the requested rights are still pending and which have been authorized.

Last modified: 25 March 2020