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An application is an external server-side service or client-side application (JavaScript, mobile, or desktop) that can interact with Space modules. For example, send messages to Chats, receive data on Projects, Teams, Automation jobs, and so on. Applications are the main way to extend Space functionality.

Applications basics

  • A Space application must be an external network-accessible service: You cannot run the application inside the Space environment.

  • The application communicates with Space using the Space HTTP API. To ease using the API, we provide API clients for Kotlin and .NET.

  • The application must be an OAuth 2.0 client that uses one of the OAuth 2.0 authorization workflows to access various Space endpoints.

  • To start using the application, you must register it in Space.

  • To receive notifications from Space, the application can use webhooks.

Types of applications

Currently, Space supports the following types of applications:


Chatbot is an application that provides services via a personal Chat channel. A user interacts with the chatbot by sending commands to this channel.

Chatbot application

Slash commands

Commands that are available in various channels. The list of commands available in a certain chat is shown when a user presses / slash.

Currently, slash commands are available only in chatbot channels.

Slash commands

Custom menus (Not yet available)

Custom menus let you extend Space functionality by adding custom items inside menus in various Space modules.

Custom menu application

Client applications

Applications that do not extend Space functionality in place but get data from Space, manipulate Space modules (publish posts, send messages, add/remove members, and so on), or get notified about events in Space.

Any combination of the above

Get Started with Applications

Do you want to create your first Space application? Here's our recommended workflow:

  1. Decide what type of application you are going to create.

  2. Choose the appropriate authentication/authorization flow for your application.

  3. Register your application in Space.

  4. Start developing your application. These topics will help you get started:

Last modified: 21 October 2021