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Space SDK

Space SDK is a set of libraries that let you work with the JetBrains Space HTTP API and create various types of Space applications, like chatbot, slash commands, and others.

What is inside Space SDK

Space SDK includes:

Space SDK distributions

The SDK comes in two versions:

  • Space SDK for Kotlin available at the public JetBrains Space repository:

    • org.jetbrains:space-sdk-jvm:{version}– Space API client that can be used on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

    • org.jetbrains:space-sdk-js:{version}– Space API client that can be used with Kotlin/JS.

  • Space SDK for .NET available at

    • JetBrains.Space.Client — The generated client code to work with the Space API.

    • JetBrains.Space.AspNetCore — Helpers for using JetBrains.Space with ASP.NET Core.

    • JetBrains.Space.AspNetCore.Authentication — Authentication provider that integrates with ASP.NET Core.

Last modified: 21 October 2021