JetBrains Space EAP Help

Space API

Space API can be used by Space users and Administrators to:

  • Share content and data with third-party apps.

  • Import data (e.g. articles, user profile records) from other resources.

  • Manage users, teams, locations and more programmatically.

  • Integrate Space repositories with external services (e.g. receive build statuses from a CI server).

For details, refer to API Reference or use HTTP API Playground (see below).

HTTP API Playground

On the navigation bar, click your avatar then choose Administration → HTTP API Playground.

Visit the interactive API playground page to:

  • See HTTP API endpoints.

  • See authentication endpoints.

  • See supported methods and syntax.

  • Experiment with methods — execute requests and view responses.

Access to Space API

Space API uses the OAuth 2.0 protocol for effective authentication and authorization.

Space supports common authorization scenarios that are based on standard OAuth 2.0 authorization flows.

The flow your application client will use depends on the application type and authorization scenario. All flows involve registering a client application with Space and require a client to obtain an access token to access Space resources.

Read Applications for details.

Last modified: 25 March 2020