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Space API

Space HTTP API lets you programmatically access any of the Space modules: Chats, Team Directory, Projects, Documents, Packages, and so on. For details on performing particular API requests, refer to the API Reference or use the HTTP API Playground (see below).

HTTP API Playground

HTTP API Playground lets you:

  • Explore the Space API endpoints.

  • Create HTTP API requests for various tools and languages.

  • Run the requests on behalf of Space accounts created by you.

HTTP API Playground

To open HTTP API Playground

  1. Enable the playground: On the navigation bar, click ... to expand the menu and choose HTTP API Playground.

    Enable HTTP API Playground
  2. On the navigation bar, click the HTTP API Playground HTTP API Playground icon.

Accessing the Space API

There are two ways of accessing the Space API: through the OAuth 2.0 protocol (recommended) or by using a personal token. Learn more

Space API clients

Almost all of the modern programming languages/frameworks support running HTTP requests and handling responses. Using the API in this way – by "manually constructing" API requests is complicated and not effective. The right way is using an API client – a set of libraries that hide the low-level complexity of making the requests.

Space provides two API clients: for Kotlin/Java and for .NET. When using a client, you work with high-level entities – classes that represent particular Space modules. The clients are a part of Space SDK. Learn more

If you need a client for some other programming language, you can create it by using the OpenAPI Specification (formerly Swagger Specification). To download the Space OpenAPI specification, open HTTP API Playground and click OpenAPI in the top right corner.

Last modified: 18 February 2021