JetBrains Space Help

Commit to a Repository

A project may contain one or more Git repositories. To start committing to a repository, you need to set up its working copy on your local machine. You can also edit files in a repository directly from the Space web UI.

To set up a local copy of the repository:

  1. If not already done:

    • install the latest version of Git

    • set up your commit username and email address in Git

    Make sure your commit email address matches the email in your Space profile, as Space will use these emails to associate your commits with your Space identity.

  2. Find the project you're going to contribute to.

  3. You need to be a project member and have the "Write" permission to be able to commit to the project repositories. Contact the project administrator if you're not sure you have it.

  4. On the project page, locate the repository you want to commit to. All project repositories are shown in widgets and also listed on the sidebar.

  5. Click README to read the repository specific set-up instructions (a Readme file).

  6. Depending on the authentication method outlined in the instruction, upload your SSH public key to Space or set up an HTTP password:

    • Open your profile in separate browser tab.

    • On the sidebar, choose Git keys & Passwords

    • Click Add SSH key... to upload your SSH public key.

    • Click Set HTTP password.. to add a password.

  7. Go back to the repository page.

  8. Follow the instructions in README and copy the repository clone URL. It can be SSH or HTTPS depending on the requirements:

  9. Using the URL, clone the repository to your local machine.

  10. Once it's downloaded, you'll be able to work on the source code in your IDE and commit changes to the origin.

Last modified: 17 June 2020