JetBrains Space Help

Space Plugin for IDE

Space plugin is intended for JetBrains Space members that use IntelliJ-based IDEs to work on their projects. It links your IDE with your organization at JetBrains Space and lets you view and clone project repositories and navigate to Space features right from the IDE.

Space plugin works across all JetBrains IDEs of the latest version (2019.3+)

Install Space plugin

  1. Make sure your JetBrains IDE is version 2019.3 or newer. Update if necessary.

  2. Open your IDE and go to File → Settings.

  3. In the Settings dialog window, select Plugins from the left pane.

  4. Select the Marketplace tab:

  5. Find JetBrains Space plugin on the list and click Install.

  6. To activate the plugin, restart your IDE.

Log in to Space

Before you can start using Space plugin, you need to provide it with your Space organization address and log in to Space.

  1. In your IDE, go to Tools → Space → Log in to Space:

  2. Enter the address of your Space organization website, e.g (Make sure to enter the full URL starting with https://):

  3. The Space login screen will open in a browser where you can enter your Space credentials. If you're successfully logged in, your Space avatar will be displayed in the IDE:


View and clone repositories

View all projects and repositories hosted in your Space organization then clone a repository you want to contribute to.

Before you can clone a repository, you need to upload your SSH public key to Space or set up an HTTP password (depending on the authentication methods used in repositories):

  1. In Space, open your profile.

  2. On the sidebar, choose Git keys & Passwords.

  3. Click Add SSH key... to upload your SSH public key.

    Click Set HTTP password.. to add a password.

Now you can view and clone repositores from your IDE:

  1. In your IDE, go to Tools → Space → Clone Repository.

    A list of projects and repositories will be displayed.

  2. To clone a repository to your machine, select it from the list and click OK:

Last modified: 12 May 2020