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Space Desktop App

Space desktop application provides the same functionality and experience as the web (browser) version but with the following key differences:

  • Space desktop app lets you receive desktop pop-up notifications on your machine, which is convenient when you're working in another window and don't want to miss messages and alerts from Space.

  • Space desktop doesn't support tabs (we're working on it). So if you want to have multiple sections of Space opened at the same time, a browser is preferable.

What do I need Space desktop app for?

The main reason to use the desktop app is the ability to receive desktop notifications from Space while you're working on something else and the app is running in the background.

Some people also like to have Space as an independent entity, reserving their browser for other tasks.

And yes, you can always run the app and browser versions simultaneously.


The desktop app is available for the following operating systems:

  • macOS 10.10 and newer

  • Windows 10 and newer

  • Linux — all modern versions

Install the desktop app

  1. Download the desktop app for your operating system:

    You can also download it from the Space web UI:

    • On the top left, click the question icon.

    • In the Desktop section, choose your operating system.

  2. When the download completes, proceed to install the app.

  3. Open the app, enter your organization name and log in to it the same way as with the web version.

Last modified: 29 June 2023