JetBrains Space Help

Space Desktop App

JetBrains Space desktop app lets you use chats and receive desktop notifications while working in your browser.

You can also use it instead of the web version, as it provides the same functionality.

The desktop app is available for the following operating systems:

  • macOS 10.10 and newer

  • Windows 7 and newer

  • Linux — all modern versions

To install the desktop app:

  1. Download the dektop app for your operating system:

    You can also download it from the Space web UI:

    • Open Space on your laptop or PC, click the question icon on the navigation bar and choose Downloads.

    • In the Desktop section, click Download the Space App and choose your operating system.

  2. When the download completes, proceed to install the app.

  3. Open the app, enter your organization name and log in to it the same way as with the web version.

Last modified: 30 June 2022