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Teams and Members

teams.png Teams is a directory that represents your actual organization structure. It can be flat and simple or have a complex multi-level hierarchy with parent and child teams (sub-teams). A person can be a member of one or several teams.

  • Each team member has a Position in the team that defines their title or specialty (e.g. QA engineer, accountant).

  • Team Lead is a team member with additional responsibilities and viewing rights within the team. Team Lead keeps track of team members' availability, receives and approves absence requests from other team members. A team can have one or more Team Leads.

  • Manager is your direct supervisor. A Manager can be assigned explicitly to a team member. If not, your Team Lead automatically becomes your Manager. Manager has the same rights and responsibilities over his/her subordinates as a Team Lead over his/her team members.

  • Team Admin is in charge of keeping the team's records relevant and up-to-date. Team Admin receives and approves requests to join or leave the team. Team Admin can edit team members profiles, add new members to the team and create new sub-teams.

  • Team Admin may not be necessarily a member of the team, however in most cases Team Admin and Team Lead is the same person.

  • Some employees can have global editing rights (usually it's system admnistrators and HR). They can edit team records and member profiles, including scheduled absences and personal information, add and remove members from teams.

Last modified: 31 January 2023