JetBrains Space Help

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of security and protects your account from unauthorized entry.

With the 2FA enabled, you'll have to enter an additional security code generated by an authentication app to log in to Space.

Enable two-factor authentication

  1. Download and install an authentication app of your choice on your mobile device or desktop and create a new account for Space. You can use any app that supports TOTP/ RFC standard, such as:

    • Google Authenticator (Android, iOS)

    • Authy (Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows)

    • 1Password (Android, iOS)

  2. Log in to Space.

  3. On the personal navigation sidebar, choose Security and go to the 2FA tab.

  4. Click the Set up 2FA... button.

  5. Scan the QR code with your device or provide your app with the key, if it can't recognize the QR code:

  6. Your app will generate a 6-digit code. Enter the code into the field and click Confirm.

    The next time you log in to Space, you will be asked for a code generated by your app.

Disable two-factor authentication

  1. On the personal navigation sidebar, choose Security and go to the 2FA tab.

  2. Switch the status to Inactive:


Application passwords

Some third-party apps or devices that need to access your Space account with your Space credentials do not support the two-factor authentication that you have turned on and will end up being blocked.

When you provide your username and password and get an error or a "wrong password" message, try using an application password. It's a 20-digit code that you enter instead of your regular password.

Create an application password

  1. On the personal navigation sidebar, choose Security and go to the 2FA tab.

  2. Click the New application password button.

  3. Give the password a name which should describe the app you're going to use it for.

  4. Specify the scope of permissions that will be granted to the application with this password:

    • Choose Full access to grant all the permissions that you have.

    • Choose Limited access to limit the scope to specific permissions.

      Click Select permissions and choose permissions from the list.

  5. Click Create.

    A dialog window with the new application password will be displayed:

  6. Copy the application password and store it in a secure location.

  7. Use the application password in your external application instead of your regular password. Usually, you’ll only have to submit it once per app or device.

Last modified: 13 September 2021