JetBrains Space Help

Add and Edit Public Holidays

Adding holidays to Space makes them visible in personal and team calendars and helps users plan their work and collaborate, especially if located across different countries with different holidays.

For each location — be it a region, office, or even a room — you can create an individual list of holidays (a holiday calendar).

To create a holiday calendar:

  1. On the main menu, click administration.png Administration and choose Public Holidays (in the Customization section).

    Existing holiday calendars (if any) will be listed here.

  2. Click Add calendar.

  3. Give the calendar a name (a location name would be best, e.g. Spain or Spanish holidays).

  4. Pick the location for the calendar.

  5. Click Add.

Now, you want to add to the calendar the holidays that take place in that location.

To add holidays to a calendar:

  1. On the Public Holidays page, choose the calendar to which you want to add a holiday.

  2. You can import the holidays from a .ics file — click Import and specify a URL of the file (it should be accessible within your network).

    To add a holiday manually, click Add holiday.

  3. Enter the holiday name (e.g. Thanksgiving).

  4. Specify the date for the holiday.

  5. Specify if the holiday should be a working day or a day off.

  6. Click Add.

Added holidays will be shown in the Upcoming Events feed on the entry page and in users' calendars.

Last modified: 15 December 2023