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My Calendar

Your personal calendar lets you keep track of your scheduled events such as meetings, business trips, vacations and other absences.

To view your calendar:

  1. Open your profile and click Calendar on the sidebar:

  2. View your schedule for a Day, 5 days, Week, or Month using the switch in the top right, or pick a specific date using the menu in the top left:


Add an event to your calendar

To create an absence, click plus-blue.png in the top right, choose New absence and follow the instruction.

To create a meeting, either click plus-blue.png and choose New meeting, or click the desired vacant day/time slot inside the calendar (in the Day, 5 Days, or Week view) then follow the instruction.

View another person's calendar

Whether you're scheduling a meeting or planning to collaborate with your teammates, you might want to check their calendars to ensure availablity.

  1. Open the person's profile (press Ctrl+K to find it).

  2. On the profile sidebar, click Calendar.

  3. To schedule a meeting with the calendar owner, find and click the most suitable time slot in their calendar, then follow the instruction.

Last modified: 17 March 2021