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Publish Helm Charts

Suppose you have a Helm chart and want to publish it to the newly created container registry using the Helm command-line tool. Note that Helm 3.8 or later is required.

Publish charts using Helm command-line tool

  1. Make sure OCI support is enabled on your machine. To enable the support, set the HELM_EXPERIMENTAL_OCI environment variable by running the command:


    (run as administrator)

  2. Log in to the container registry:

    helm registry login

    • is the registry URL

      (mycompany is the name of your company in Space). If you are not sure about the URL, you can copy the URL of a particular container registry on the Packages page.

  3. When asked for credentials, specify either your Space username and password (we recommend that you use a permanent token instead) or a client ID and a client secret of a service account.

  4. If your chart is not yet created, create it with helm create mychart. Modify your chart as needed.

  5. Save the chart directory:

    helm package ./mychart

    here ./mychart is a path to the chart directory.

  6. Publish the chart to the registry:

    helm push myChart:0.1.0

    • 0.1.0 is the chart version specified in Chart.yaml.

Last modified: 02 November 2022