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Publish Images to Docker Hub

Using the remote repositories feature, you can publish container images from a Space Packages registry to Docker Hub.

  1. In Docker Hub, create an access token with the Write permission. Save the created token to a safe location.

    Docker Hub token
  2. Configure publishing of images to a Space Packages registry as described in Publish Container Images.

  3. In Space, open the registry where you published the image.

  4. Configure a remote repository:

    1. In repository settings, open the Remote Repositories tab and click New remote repository.

    2. Specify remote repository settings:

      • URL: the Docker Hub URL. To get one, you can click the Click to use Docker Hub URL link. Important: Add your Docker Hub username to the URL. For example, if your username is hub-username:

      • In Authentication, select Basic:

        • Username: your Docker Hub username.

        • Password: the Docker Hub token you've created in step 1.

    3. Click Create.

  5. Publish the required artifact to the remote repository (Docker Hub):

    1. Find the required image.

    2. In the image menu, choose Publish to remote repository.

    3. In the list, select the mirror created on previous step and click Publish.

Last modified: 22 September 2023