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Publish Packages to Remote Repositories

In some cases, you might need to publish a package stored in a Space Packages repository to a remote repository, for example, Maven Central. For each local repository, you can specify a list of related remote repositories. After this, you can publish packages from the local repository to any of these remote repositories.

Supported repository types

  • Container

  • Maven

  • NuGet

Associate a local repository with remote repositories

  1. Navigate to the project which contains the required local repository.

  2. On the project sidebar, choose Packages.

  3. Find the required repository and click Settings Settings.

  4. In the repository settings, open the Remote Repositories tab.

  5. Add at least one remote repository by clicking New remote repository.

  6. In the mirror properties, specify the URL of the remote repository and Authentication type.

  7. Depending on the Authentication type, specify required authentication settings.

Publish packages to a remote repository from a local repository

  1. Find the required package.

  2. In the package menu, choose Publish to remote repository.

    Publish a package to mirror
  3. In the list, select a required mirror and click Publish.

Last modified: 22 September 2023