JetBrains Space Help

TeamCity Integration

Integration with TeamCity lets you:

  • Build sources from merge requests.

  • Receive build statuses from TeamCity for each commit that triggered a build and view details about automated tasks involved.

  • Take full advantage of Space Quality Gates and Safe Merge by requiring a "green" build status as a condition for merging a feature branch into main.

  • Authenticate in TeamCity with your Space account.


  • TeamCity Cloud or a TeamCity Server version 2020.2 ??? and newer.

  • To complete the integration, you should have:

    • System administrator rights in TeamCity and Space.

    • Project administrator rights in Space projects that will be connected to TeamCity.

  • You should have general understanding of CI/CD concept and be familiar with TeamCity administration.

Set up TeamCity integration

As the integration process takes place on both TeamCity and Space sides, we suggest you log in to both services and have them opened in separate browser tabs.

  1. In Space, choose Administration from the main menu.

  2. Scroll down the left sidebar menu and choose Featured Integrations.

  3. Locate TeamCity Integration and click Enable.

    A link to the TeamCity integration instruction will pop up.

  4. Follow the instruction steps to connect to TeamCity.

    A successful connection will appear on the TeamCity integration page in Space.

Last modified: 31 May 2024