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The Space-Jira integration is designed for teams already using Jira for issue tracking but who also want to leverage the collaborative features of Space. By configuring a connection to your existing Jira instance from Space, you can manage your issues in Jira while taking advantage of the Git hosting, code review, CI/CD, package management, and other features that Space offers. The integration involves installing the Space for Jira app to Jira and the Jira application to Space.

Key features

You can view link previews for the Jira issues mentioned in chats, to-do lists, comments in documents, code reviews, and merge requests. For example, if you mention an ID of a Jira issue, it'll transform to a link with a preview of the issue details:

Unfurl a link to Jira issue in Space chat

If you paste a whole link to a Jira issue, it will be unfurled:

Mention Jira issue in Space chat

Creating Jira issues from Space

You can create Jira issues from any location where you would typically create an issue in Space: from the main menu, from a chat message, from a to-do item, from a source code line, and so on.

Create new Jira issue from Space
Create new Jira issue from Space
Create new Jira issue from Space

Linking Jira issues in commits and merge requests

If an issue ID is included in a commit message, a link to the commit or merge request will be automatically added to the corresponding issue in Jira. If the merge request is closed in Space (indicating the changes have been merged), the status of the related issue in Jira will be updated automatically.

To make this feature work, you should first map projects in Jira to their counterparts in Space.

Linking Jira issues in commits in Space

Set up the integration

  1. First, set up the integration on the Jira side:

    1. In the Jira Service Management menu, select Apps | Manage your apps.

    2. In the Find new apps section, search for Space for Jira and install the app.

    3. Go to the app page: Apps | Manage your apps | Space for Jira, then click Get Started.

    4. Choose which Jira projects you want to connect to Space: either all projects or only specific projects. If you choose All projects, the app will connect not only all existing projects but also any new projects created in the future.

    5. Click Connect and select the Space organization you want to connect to.

    6. Click Install next to the organization. This will install the Jira application and redirect you to the application's Overview page in this Space instance.

  2. Set up the integration on the Space side:

    1. On the Overview page, ensure that the application has all the requested permissions. If your role lets you provide the permissions, they will be granted automatically. Otherwise, Space will send the approval request to an administrator. You can check this in the Permissions required section.

    2. If you want to enable linking Jira issues in commits and merge requests, you need to configure project mapping. To do this, under Project Mapping, specify which projects in Space correspond to which projects in Jira. You are able to select only the Jira projects that are connected to Space.

      To enable issue updates on merge requests, select When merging linked merge requests, update Jira issue status to and choose the status you want to set for Jira issues.

Last modified: 04 September 2023