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YouTrack Integration

The Space-YouTrack integration is designed for teams already using YouTrack for issue tracking. By configuring a connection to your existing YouTrack instance from Space, you can preview YouTrack issues in Space, link issues to commits and merge requests and update their status automatically.

Key features

You can preview YouTrack issues mentioned in commit messages, code reviews, and merge requests. For example, if you mention an ID of a YouTrack issue, it'll transform to a link with a preview of the issue details:

Unfurl a link to YouTrack issue in Space chat

If you paste a whole link to a YouTrack issue, it will be unfurled:

Mention YouTrack issue in Space chat

Linking YouTrack issues in commits and merge requests

If an issue ID is included in a commit message, a link to the commit or merge request will be automatically added to the corresponding issue in YouTrack. If the merge request is closed in Space (indicating the changes have been merged), the status of the related issue in YouTrack will be updated automatically.

To make this feature work, you should first map projects in YouTrack to their counterparts in Space.

Linking YouTrack issues in commits in Space

Set up YouTrack integration

  1. From the main menu choose Administration.

  2. Scroll down the left sidebar menu and choose Featured Integrations.

  3. Locate YouTrack Integration and click Enable.

  4. Enter your YouTrack instance URL and a permanent token from YouTrack for authentication. Click on the link to YouTrack documentation to find out how to create a token.


    Click Save.

    If the connection is successful, your YouTrack instance will be shown on the top of the integration page.

  5. If you want to enable linking YouTrack issues in commits and merge requests, you need to configure project mapping. To do this, under Project Mapping, specify which projects in Space correspond to which projects in YouTrack.

    Select the projects you want to link and click Connect.


    You can create several project pares by clicking Add mapping.

  6. You YouTrack integration is now set up and enabled. You can manage or disable it by navigating to Administration → Featured Integrations → YouTrack.

Last modified: 31 May 2024