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Integrate Space with Third-Party Services

Space can be integrated with various third-party services. Some of the integrations are provided out of the box and some must be installed as separate Space applications.

Note that if you have your own service that you want to integrate with Space, you can do this with the help of applications.

Continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD)

Integration with an external CI server allows Space to receive and display build statuses for a particular repository. Project participants can see which builds have passed and failed for each commit and view information about automation tasks involved.

A feedback from a CI server can also be used in Quality Gates and Safe Merge to protect branches and enforce code quality.

Space offers preconfigured integrations with:

Integration with other CI servers is possible using Applications, as Space API supports HTTP requests from external CI servers and has a dedicated endpoint: Report external check status.

Issue tracking and planning

Integration with an external issue tracker will let Space users view issue snippets in commit messages and comments and to automatically close an issue when a relevant merge request is completed.

Space offers preconfigured integrations with:

Code analysis and inspections

Integration with an external code analysis tool lets you view static code analysis results right in Space merge request diffs. Read more.

Communication and messaging

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Last modified: 31 May 2024