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View Commit Status

If your project is integrated with an external CI server or uses internal Automation jobs for CI/CD, you can see which builds succeeded or failed for each commit and get detailed information about failed automation tasks. There is also a link to the external service, should you want even more details.

When someone makes a commit and the build system runs the build, an icon is displayed on the commit list, next to the commit, showing the general automation status:

  • - pending

  • buildStatusRunning.png running

  • buildStatusRunning.png failed

  • buildStatusRunning.png succeeded


View commit (build) status information

  1. Select the commit entry from the list.

  2. On the right pane, select the Automation tab:


    Since a single commit can sometimes initiate multiple builds, the commit can have more than one status.

Subscribe to commit (build) status notifications

You can get notified in Chats and email if a build triggered by your commit fails (or succeeds).

  1. On the project sidebar, choose your Jobs

  2. Click the name of the Job you want to be notified about:

  3. Click Subscribe:

  4. And choose the subscription options:

Last modified: 31 May 2024