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Project Tips

Time is short. The tips on this page will help make working with projects in JetBrains Space more productive.

Private projects

Private projects are visible to its members, and hidden for everyone else.

Need a temporary project for yourself? Want to share some code, issues, or checklists with just one or several colleagues? Create a private project!

A private project is only visible to its members — other people in the organization won't be able to see and access it.

We'll need to specify who can see and access the project. If later we want to make the project public inside the organization, we can do so from the project settings (under Info).

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Favorite projects and sidebar customization

Favorite often-used projects and pin them to the sidebar.

Have a project you have to access regularly? Mark it as a favorite so navigating to it from the sidebar becomes easier. Toggle projects and other icons to customize your Space.

Pinned projects show a quick access menu on hover, letting us navigate to the project's issues, checklists and code reviews. Repositories get a direct link, too!

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Project responsibilities

Who's responsible for specific features or tasks? Find out about project areas and the people involved.

Project members can have one or more responsibilities within the project.

Find out the parts of a project people are in charge of. Get details about their availability, or start a chat by clicking their profile.

Responsibilities can have a description to clarify what they are about.

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Last modified: 03 February 2023