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Create upload

post /api/http/uploads

Request a URL that can be used to upload an attachment. An attachment can be uploaded to the URL that is returned, by making a PUT request that has a proper content-type header and the attachment data as the request body. The 'storagePrefix' parameter can be one of file, maps, emoji or attachments. The 'mediaType' parameter can be omitted for all uploads. For image uploads that need to be resized automatically for specific use, such as chat stickers or emoji, use one of `chat-image-attachment`, `chat-sticker`, `chat-animated-sticker`, `emoji`.

Request arguments
object with fields:
  • storagePrefix: string( Required )

  • mediaType: string( Nullable and Optional , defaults to null)


Get image attachment metadata

get /api/http/uploads/image/{id}

Get meta information for a previously uploaded image.

Request arguments
id: string (Path) ( Required )
Last modified: 15 March 2021