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View Commit History

To view the history of changes in a repository:

  1. Navigate to the project and open the repository you are interested in.

  2. Choose Commits:


Recent revisions are listed in chronological order, accompanied by a commit graph that helps visualize the history of commits, branches, and merges.

Each entry includes:

  • committer avatar (if any)

  • committer username

  • commit message

  • commit timestamp (hover over it to see the exact date and time of a commit)

And may also show:

  • branch name (e.g. branch-name.png)

  • review ID (e.g. review.png) linking to the review page (if this revision is included in a review)

  • status of the build (buildStatusSucceeded.png succeeded or buildStatusFailed.png failed ) triggered by the commit.

Click a commit listing to see what files were affected by this commit and to see the diffs of these files.

Last modified: 18 August 2023