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View and Edit Individual Files

You can navigate to any file in the repository to study its entire content, view its history of changes, and make some edits.

To navigate to the file:

  1. Navigate to the project and open the repository which contains the file.

  2. From here you can either:

Once the file is open, you can:

  • Examine the code and leave comments on specific lines. Just hover over the line of code you want to comment and click the edit icon to the left.

  • See what lines of code have been changed over the time, by what commits and contributers. Switch to the Annotate view.

  • View the history of commits that have affected the file. Go to the History view.

  • Edit the file content and commit your change to the repository. Go to the Edit mode.

  • Download the file.

  • Delete the file.

Last modified: 25 November 2022