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View, Run, Stop, and Subscribe to Jobs

On the project's Jobs page, you can run and stop jobs, view current job run progress and run results, as well as subsribe to job notifications.

View job run results

  1. Navigate to the project.

  2. On the sidebar menu, choose Jobs.

  3. Make sure the required repository and branch are selected. The page will show you the list of all jobs in the project and their run results. Here you can also apply the Jobs filter, for example, to:

    • leave Only actual jobs: the runs of jobs from the latest (up-to-date) version of the automation script.

    • leave Only outdated jobs: the runs of jobs that were changed in the latest (up-to-date) version of the automation script or that do not exist in the latest script version.

    Automation Job Run and Stop

  4. To view all runs of a particular job, click the job's name.

    Automation Job Runs
  5. Click a specific job run attempt to get more details. Here you can view:

    • Overview: job run results including job's log.

    • Steps: logs for each of the job steps.

    • Tests: test run results (if a job contains steps that report test results). Currently, only Gradle test output is supported.

    • Changes: the list of VCS commits.

    • Artifacts: artifacts published by the job to Packages.

    • Parameters: the list of system properties and parameters used by the job (secrets are not shown).

    Viewing Automation job details

Run and stop jobs

By default, a job run is triggered by 'git push'. Optionally, you can specify other job triggers using the startOn item. One more way to run a job is do it manually from the project's Jobs page.

To manually run or stop a job

  1. Navigate to the project.

  2. On the sidebar menu, choose Jobs.

  3. Find the required job and:

    • To run the job, click Run in the job header. Note that the job will use the actual project sources (the last repository commit).

    • To stop the job run, click the Automation Job Stop Icon Stop icon next to the particular run.

In some cases you might need to re-run a particular job execution using the same commit as in the original run.

To re-run a job using the same commit as in the original run

  1. Navigate to the project.

  2. On the sidebar menu, choose Jobs.

  3. Open the required job and then open the required job run.

  4. Click Re-run in the top right corner.

Subscribe to job notifications

Each Automation job has a separate chat channel in Space. Automation can use this channel to notify you about job run results. By default, Space doesn't send such notifications. If you want to get results of a particular job, you should explicitly subscribe to its notifications.

  1. Navigate to the project.

  2. On the sidebar menu, choose Jobs.

  3. Open the job's page by clicking its name in the header.

  4. Click the Subscribe button on the top of the page.

  5. To configure notifications, click the Notifications Icon Job subscription preferences button and specify the settings:

    • All finished jobs: Notify about all job run results.

    • Only failed jobs: Notify only if the job fails.

    • By my commit: Notify only about jobs triggered by your commits.

    • Manually run by me: Notify only about jobs that you run manually.

    Automation Subscribe
  6. After the job run finishes, you will receive a message on the job's chat channel.

    Job's chat channel
Last modified: 06 October 2022