TeamCity Cloud 2024.03 Help

Copy, Move, Delete Build Configuration

To copy, move or delete a build configuration, use the Actions menu in the upper right corner of Build Configuration Settings, or the similar menu on the main Build Settings page.

Build Configuration Actions Menu

Copy and Move Build Configuration

Build configurations can be copied and moved to another project by project administrators:

  • A copy duplicates all the settings of the original build configuration, but no data related to builds is preserved. The copy is created with empty build history and no statistics. You can copy a build configuration into the same or another project.

  • When moving a build configuration between projects, TeamCity preserves its settings and associated data, as well as its build history and dependencies.

On copying, TeamCity automatically assigns a new ID to the copy. It is also possible to change the ID manually. Selecting the Copy associated user, agent and other settings option makes sure that all the settings like notification rules or agent's compatibility are exactly the same for the copied and original build configurations for all the users and agents affected.

If the build configuration uses VCS roots or is associated with a template, which is not accessible in the target project (does not belong to the target project or one of its parent projects), the copies of these VCS roots and the template will be created in the target project (also see the related issue TW-28550).

Delete Build Configuration

When you delete a build configuration, TeamCity will remove its .xml configuration file. After the deletion, there is a configurable timeout (5 days by default) before the builds of the deleted configuration are removed during the build history clean-up.

If you attempt to delete a build configuration which has dependent build configurations, TeamCity will warn you about it. If you proceed with deletion, the dependencies will no longer function.

Last modified: 07 September 2023