TeamCity 2019.1 Help

Commit Status Publisher

Commit status publisher is a build feature which allows TeamCity to automatically send build statuses of your commits to an external system. The feature is implemented as an open-source plugin bundled with TeamCity.

The supported systems are:

  • JetBrains Upsource

  • GitHub (the build statuses for pull requests are supported as well)

  • GitLab

  • TFS/VSTS-hosted Git (supported statuses: Pending, Succeeded, Failed, Error)

  • Atlassian Bitbucket Server (formerly Stash) and Atlassian Bitbucket Cloud

  • Gerrit Code Review tool 2.6+

To use the tool:

  1. Add the build feature to your build configuration.

  2. Use the default All attached VCS roots option if you want Commit Status Publisher to attempt publishing statuses for commits in all attached VCS roots or select a single repository for publishing build statuses.

  3. Select your system as the publisher, and specify its connection details and credentials.

  4. Test the connection

  5. Save your settings.

See the example below to configure sending the status of builds with changes included in your pull request from TeamCity to GitHub.

  1. Configure the branch specification in your VCS Root ensuring that it includes pull requests. Detailed information is available in the Branch specification section of this TeamCity blog post.

  2. Add the build feature:
    • Use the default All attached VCS roots option to publish statuses for commits in all attached VCS roots

    • Select GitHub as the publisher and specify its connection details and credentials and test the connection:

Testing connection to GitHub

  1. Save your settings.

  2. Commit changes to your source code and create a pull request in GitHub, then run a build with your changes in TeamCity. The Commit Status Publisher will inform you on the status of the build with your pull request changes:
    • It will show you whether the check is:
      • in progress progress.png

      • failed Failed.png

      • successful Successful.png

    • hovering over the commit status will display the build summary

    • clicking the build status sign or the Details link will open the build results page in TeamCity:

Pull Requests | Conversation

This information is also available on the Commits tab of your pull request details:

Pull Requests | Commits

Similarly to the previous page, clicking the build status icon opens the build results page in the TeamCity web UI:

Build results