fun id(id: String)

Sets the id to the specified value. Type of the id depends on the context in which DSL is executed: it is RelativeId when DSL context is relative, otherwise it is AbsoluteId.

open override var id: Id?

VCS root id. It appears in the web UI and is used in urls. If the VCS root has a uuid specified, then the id can be changed at any time. If uuid is omitted, then TeamCity treats a VCS root with a changed id as a new VCS root, all data associated with the old root will be lost (e.g. a commits graph). Id can also be used by some settings, e.g. as a part of parameter reference. If you change the id, you should find all its occurrences in the current project and change them too. Id must be unique across all VCS roots on the server. If id is missing, it will be generated from the class name (if the class is not from the jetbrains.buildServer.configs.kotlin package).

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