TeamCity Pipelines Help


The "Maven" Step type allows you to utilize Apache Maven to build projects.

Maven Step Settings


The sequence of space-separated Maven goals.

POM Location

The path (relative to the working directory) to the Maven POM file. If this setting is not specified, TeamCity attempts to use the pom.xml file located directly in the root working folder.

Runner Arguments

The list of optional command-line parameters. The -q, -f, and -s (if you specify the user settings path) parameters are ignored.

Maven Version

JetBrains-hosted TeamCity agents ship with multiple Maven versions. This setting allows you to choose a specific version for this Step.

User Settings Selection

Allows you to select a set of user settings to be used. This option is equivalent to the -s or --settings argument.

  • <Default> — Import settings from the default Maven locations on an agent.

  • <Custom> — Use settings from a custom file a path to which is specified in the "User Settings Path" field.

User Settings Path

A path (relative to the working directory) to the user settings file. These settings are used if the "User Settings Selection" is <Custom>.


If enabled, TeamCity processes only those Maven modules that have been modified since the last time this Step was executed.

JDK Home

Allows you to utilize a custom JDK that should be used instead of the agent's default JDK referenced by the JDK_HOME environment variable.

JVM Arguments

Optional parameters passed to the JVM that runs your build. For example, you can specify the maximum heap size or enable remote debugging.

Last modified: 07 March 2023